Breathe easy, Samsung execs. From its looks to its performance, stunning screen to subtle innovations, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a dazzling smartphone. Sure, there’s that misplaced fingerprint sensor and it’s too soon to judge whether Bixby will be hit or miss, and the price is not low. But for all that the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks and feels just great, and is the kind of phone you don’t want to put down. [...]

Whatsapp Group Admins Can Be Jailed For Spreading Offensive Posts, Rumours & Fake News

Authorities have, in the past, faced issues on many occasions when fake news and rumours spread over platforms like WhatsApp, causing communal and regional tensions to flare up. Now, the administrator of any group in which possibly damaging rumours are being spread, whether on Whatsapp, Facebook, or other social media, is liable for prosecution. At least in Varanasi anyway (for now). [...]