April 17, 2017

Supreme Court orders auction of Aamby Valley As Subrata Roy Fails To Pay Up

The court had warned Sahara earlier this month that it would be granted no more extensions if it did not deposit the money in the SEBI-Sahara refund account by today, April 17. “Whatever you do, we had told you that a substantial amount must come, otherwise we will be compelled to put up Aamby Valley for auction,” the bench had said, noting, “What matters is the money coming in the kitty.” [...]

The two qualities you’ll need to succeed as an Entrepreneur

There are a lot of admirable people, from corporate big-guns to dot com startup sensations, that have become extremely successful in their career endeavors.We all think that they had some magical formula which they used to get there. But there are a few foundational qualities on which success is built.Every single one of the success stories that you have heard,were built on these qualities. [...]