April 14, 2017

The Onewheel Plus is more than just a crazy fun toy

Onewheel Plus can handle virtually any type of terrain.Its robust design and powerful guts makes it ideal for short commutes. Even for people with no prior riding experience, the Plus is pretty damn easy to pick up. Onewheel has a bigger battery that charges faster, a more powerful hub motor, and a handful of little design improvements that boost overall ride-ability. [...]

5 apps and tools to make your business efficient!

Achieving meaningful growth for any startup means having the right people or the most important thing the right tools.Only then you will get the attention of investors and potential buyers.Larger companies can afford to build their own custom solutions, smaller businesses have to find a way in utilizing a tool that’s either really cheap or free.There are plenty of companies out there to cater to the specific needs of smaller enterprises or startups. [...]