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Top myth about Protein powder busted!

A nutritionist and juice shop owner has recently made waves by claiming protein powders should never be mixed with fruits or vegetables in smoothies because it will upset your digestion, however top Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert has refuted the claim, explaining that everyone is different.

Many people go for a protein shake as a post-workout snack, mixing protein powder with fruit, veggies, oats, nut butters, seeds and dairy to make a delicious healthy way to re-energise.

But nutritionist and juice shop owner Corina Crysler claims this leaves people bloated, gassy and suffering from heartburn.

She says it’s down to the combination of protein with fruit and vegetables – the former is broken down by acidic digestive juices, whereas the latter two require alkaline.

“So when you mix them together, your stomach has to produce both and they essentially knock each other out,” Crysler told Well + Good.

It’s important to note, however, that Crysler’s logic isn’t actually based on any scientific evidence.

“Whilst fruit can cause some digestive discomfort for some individuals owing to our gut bacteria loving fruit and the fermentation process, this does not apply to everyone,” Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert explained to The Independent.

Some people may be left bloated whereas others aren’t, and there are several factors at play:

  • How much fruit?
  • What type of fruit?
  • What else is in the smoothie?
  • What protein powder are you using?
  • Lifestyle/stress/sleep

“It is not right to say one rule fits all and I often advise a ratio of one piece of fruit to veg in smoothies but not because of bloating, simply as one piece can often be all you need for sweetness to offset the rest,” Lambert says.

So if drinking a smoothie with a protein boost leaves you feeling fine, you keep enjoying that delicious, nutritious treat.