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This Pakistani video about about Biryani reveals that food and culture bring people together

Food is always known to unite people from various cultures because of the flavours and coming together and sharing it with each other. A Pakistani advertisement has made many people happy as it celebrates culture through the goodness of food in the most unique way and it is going viral.

According to a media report, the new biryani advertisement starts with the loneliness a Chinese couple feels staying in Pakistan, all the more because of the food variation. She then thinks of cooking biryani, which is a favourite there and takes it to her neighbour’s house. The surprised neighbour tastes the delicious biryani and immediately calls her into her home to meet the whole family.

Interestingly, the video already has about 3.8 million views with over 48,000 shares and gives a very homely feeling to migrants in a new country. It is hardly a doubt that food unites people to celebrate different cultures together.

Watch the video here.




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