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This app can tell you if your CRUSH likes you or not!

A new app secretly scans text messages to find out if your crush really is into you or if the sexual tension is all in your head.

Crushh uses algorithms that interpret words and patterns to find out how much someone likes you – and you can even test it on conversations with your mum.It also tells you how the score has changed over the duration of a relationship and can even warn if your partner is about to break up with you.

It’s often a guessing game if someone likes you but this New York-based app called Crushh claims to take the uncertainty out of texting.The algorithm scans your messages and call logs to give a score of how much someone likes you out of five.

The system takes into account the frequency of messages, responsiveness and sentiment.It also takes into account different demographics – for example it knows that older people are less likely to communicate using emojis.

Scores higher than 2.5 indicate the person likes you more and scores lower than that suggest you like them more.A score of 2.5 means you like (or hate) each other exactly the same.

‘It’s like having your own AI assistant or love calculator that understands how people communicate and can translate feelings for you’, developers say on their website.

‘It doesn’t matter if you’re single, dating, in a relationship, or married – our app works for anyone who uses texting in their relationships.’

The app can pinpoint conversations when someone’s feelings changed – for example when a friend started to become more than a friend.It might also be able to alert you if your partner is starting to have second thoughts.

Developers say that if they are wrong users can tell them more about the person so the algorithm can learn to read their messages better.Not only does it work for people in relationships but you can run it through messages with your own mum to find out if she really does love you.

You can download the app and select the contact that you want it to scan through and your crush (or your mum) will have no idea their messages are being scanned.In the future developers say they want to offer people tips on how to improve their relationships and are currently working with sociologists and psychologists.

Crushh is in open beta testing so users can preview it and once released it will be available by invitation only.You can download the trail version from the Google Play app for free. An app for iOS is yet to be confirmed.

 Source:Mail Today