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The two qualities you’ll need to succeed as an Entrepreneur

There are a lot of admirable people, from corporate big-guns to dot com startup sensations, that have become extremely successful in their career endeavors.We all think that they had some magical formula which they used to get there.

But there are a few foundational qualities on which success is built.Every single one of the success stories that you have heard,were built on these qualities.

What are these qualities?

The guts to take the leap

The first quality one must have to achieve success is having the guts to do it. It can be extremely intimidating to start a business.The moment you think about the various monthly bills that you have to pay you take a step back.

But does having courage mean you have no fear? Of course not! Everyone fears something or has fear arise at some point.Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid. Being brave means that you control your fears instead of them controlling you.

Obstacles will definitley arise that seek to prevent you from taking your first step. It’s not the avoiding of obstacles but the facing and overcoming them that leads to victory.

The art of persistence

Having the courage to take the step in a new direction is one thing, but you also need the resilience to keep pressing forward through the bad times as well as the good else your journey will come to an abrupt end.

In life, if you get knocked down and decide to stay down because you’re afraid, uncomfortable, intimidated or have your feelings hurt then you are not going to make any progress, much less succeed.Stumbling, bumbling and falling are inevitable parts of the journey. The trick is to not only get back up, but learn from those experiences and move on.