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Still Smoking Weed? You Need to Read This

As the stigma fades, a variety of methods are becoming more accessible to the general population. Smoking cannabis has been the go-to method for generations due to its convenience during prohibition. Now, as the laws are being lifted and convenience is less of a factor, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons between mediums and apparatuses. So what do the experts suggest? When it comes to tumor inhibiting properties, melanoma prevention and eradication, or epileptic conditions and underlying causes, CBD rich cannabis oil is the most effective method. However,…

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4 Tricks To Make Your Homegrown Cannabis More Flavorful

Searching for a way to make your cannabis taste better? The herb can be a difficult plant to grow, and it takes time and practice to master the art of cannabis cultivation. Yet, there are a few easy ways to automatically improve the quality, taste, and aroma flowers. Here are four simple tips for making your homegrown cannabis more flavorful. 1. Organic soil Photo credit Many growers swear that outdoor, soil-grown cannabis has the best flavor and aroma. For home growers who lack access to expensive additives and high-tech hydroponic…

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Here’s What Happens When You Smoke A Pure Hash Joint

Are you having a bad day? If so, then this gorgeous pure hash joint should cheer you up. It’s pure hash, which means no papers, no cannabis, no glue, just 100% hash. Not only do hash joints burn perfectly, but they are also rather tasty. Feast your eyes on the beautiful and pure hash joint In this video by Bubbleman’s World, he shows off a gorgeous pure hash joint. The particular joint he is smoking on is Bubba Kush and weighs a gram. There are no papers, no glue, no weed, just…

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How Much Does Weed Really Cost In Every State?

Have you ever wanted to know how much the price of weed varies from state to state? Does legality play a role in how much you pay for your green? crowdsources the street value of cannabis from the most accurate source possible: you, the consumer. The price differences might surprise you. 1. Alaska High Quality: $295.84 / oz. (n=484) Medium Quality: $300.61 / oz. (n=644) Low Quality: $674.24 / oz. (n=46) 2. Arizona High Quality: $297.61 / oz. (n=3303) Medium Quality: $231.51 / oz. (n=3202) Low Quality: $191.77 / oz. (n=367)…

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