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Nicki Minaj helps an Indian village get clean water & computers

Rapper Nicki Minaj has surprised us by putting up a sweet Instagram post. The ‘Anaconda’ singer has been contributing funds to an Indian village since last few years. It’s due to her that a village in India (she did not reveal the name of the village) has a computer center, a tailoring institute, a reading program and two water wells! Minaj known for her giving nature had cleared student loans via Twitter, where she tweeted students to tweet back to her. “We complain about the most ridiculous little things when…

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How Much Does Weed Really Cost In Every State?

Have you ever wanted to know how much the price of weed varies from state to state? Does legality play a role in how much you pay for your green? crowdsources the street value of cannabis from the most accurate source possible: you, the consumer. The price differences might surprise you. 1. Alaska High Quality: $295.84 / oz. (n=484) Medium Quality: $300.61 / oz. (n=644) Low Quality: $674.24 / oz. (n=46) 2. Arizona High Quality: $297.61 / oz. (n=3303) Medium Quality: $231.51 / oz. (n=3202) Low Quality: $191.77 / oz. (n=367)…

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Editor's Choice LATEST NEWS 

Nevada Will Begin Early Recreational Cannabis Sales On July 1

Once dispensaries are allowed to sell recreational, residents and tourists will be able to purchase up to one ounce of marijuana per day. Cannabis consumption in Nevada is only legal on private property or at private residences for now. Nevada’s Gaming Commission still bans its use in casinos and hotels. Public smoking (this includes the Strip) is still outlawed.

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अपने चार साल के बेटे के साथ रेप कर मां ने अपलोड किया वीडियो

ओहिए पुलिस के मुताबिक, सोशल नेटवर्किंग साइट यूट्यूब एक शख्स ने इस वीडियो को देखा और उसे पुलिस को फॉरवर्ड कर दिया. इस वीडियो में साफ देखा गया कि आरोपी मां छोटे कपड़ों में कैमरे के सामने डांस कर रही है और पीछे बच्चा जोर-जोर से रो रहा है. पुलिस ने वीडियो के आधार पर 6 फरवरी को महिला को गिरफ्तार कर लिया.

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