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7 Foods That Can Cause Belly Bloat (And What Can Help)

Ah, bloating. Feeling five months pregnant and being constricted by our now-tight jeans is always fun. And it’s usually after eating a delicious meal like pizza. There are many reasons for belly bloat, many of which are dependent on the individual. But there are a few common foods and drinks that can cause this stomach upset. “Bloating can be caused by the production of gas, usually due to fermentation of foods in the gut,” nutritionist Fiona Tuck told HuffPost Australia. 1. Legumes We all know the ‘beans, beans, the magical…

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You’ll never eat aeroplane food again..after reading this!

Chef Gordon Ramsay is certainly no fan. He recently revealed he refuses to eat on planes, bringing his own spread to keep him going.‘I worked on airlines for ten years, so I know where this food’s been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board,’ he said. Ramsay, it must be acknowledged, has a vested interest in knocking in-flight cuisine. His restaurant, Plane Food, based in Heathrow’s Terminal 5, sells takeaway boxes designed to be eaten at 35,000ft.

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