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The Healthy Fat You Should Eat Daily. It fights cancer and diabetes

Most farmers who raise pigs can help you get lard, but if you don’t happen to live next to pig farm, lard is easy to make! Ask your butcher for some back fat, leaf lard or simply use any pork bacon or pork belly, cut off the fat and render it by cooking it slow over the stove (very low temperature) or in a 250 degree oven for about 6-7 hours. Strain and chill. You now have lard!

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Read how smartbands like Fitbit can give you Cancer

Research by Martin Blank, Ph.D., a Special Lecturer and retired Associate Professor at Columbia University in the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics and former president of the Bioelectromagnetics Society,15 explains that electromagnetic fields (EMF) damage your cells and DNA by inducing a cellular stress response.

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Eat strawberries to prevent breast cancer

A study finds that eating 15 percent strawberries along with fruits and vegetables every day for five weeks may help in preventing and curing breast cancer.
The results, published in the open-access journal ‘Scientific Reports’, revealed that supplementing diet with strawberry extract had served to stop the propagation of cancer cells to adjacent healthy tissue.

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