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Read Why Dhoni did not marry Deepika Padukone?

Remember during Deepika’s initial days in Bollywood many newspaper and portals reported that they have spotted Indian batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Deepika Padukone together at various occasions. It was also reported that they are seeing each other. Have you ever wonder that what went wrong between them? Why Deepika Padukone Could Not Become Mrs Deepika DHONI?

Well all that was not JUST RUMOR. It did had some truth to it. Deepika Dhoni were actually dating once upon a time. We wonder why it is not mentioned in Dhoni’s biopic. In 2007-2008, when Dhoni’s career was at the peak, he fell in love with this beauty and proposed her for marriage.

In 2007 there were also rumors that Deepika and Yuvraj Singh got engaged in a private ceremony. Also Deepika went to Jaipur stadium to cheer for Yuvraj. Later Dhoni found that Deepika’s name is linked with his co-player Yuvraj Singh who happens to be his really good friend. Sources close to them reported that Mahendra Singh Dhoni sacrificed his love silently for his friend and moved on.

After sometime Deepika broke up with Yuvraj Singh too. Later Deepika said in an interview that Yuvraj used to interfere in her life unnecessarily which created problems in their relationship. Deepika’s graph study states that the higher she reached in her career she lost the person who was in love with her madly.

Today Yuvraj singh is happily married to Bollywood actress Hazel Khan and MS Dhoni is happily married to Sakshi Dhoni and Deeika Padukone is said to be dating Ranveer Singh. What are you views about this story?