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Pakistan court gives death sentence to Indian “SPY”

Pakistan is ready to execute an Indian naval officer after accusing of being a spy.This will further increase the tension between the two countries.

Kulbushan Sudhir Jadhav was sentenced to death after a military court found him guilty of planning, coordinating and organising espionage ‘aiming to destabilise and wage war against Pakistan’, a statement from the country said on Monday,revealed DailyMail.

Jadhav, who also goes by the alias Hussein Mubarak Patel, was arrested in the southwestern province of Balochistan on March 3 last year and according to the officials claimed that Jadhav later confessed of being a spy.

India,however, has denied that he is a spy.

‘Today, (army chief) Gen Qamer Javed Bajwa has confirmed his death sentence,’ a Pakistan military statement said, without stating when the execution would take place.

There has been no comment from the Indian government so far.