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Merriam-Webster Desperately Tried To Educate Trump On Twitter

In today’s episode of, “As the Tweet Turns,” we have our President Donald Trump once again proving that if you’re not good at spelling and not good at tweeting, you shouldn’t combine the two.

In attempting to write about a “special counsel” Thursday morning, Trump misspelled the simple word, instead writing, “councel.”

To dig his hole even deeper, Trump waited two hours, re-tweeted the exact same message with the proper spelling of “counsel,” and then forgot to delete the original mishap for a bit.

That’s actually kind of impressive in how amazingly bizarre it is.

Following that train wreck, the official Merriam-Webster Twitter account tweeted that the non-existent word “councel” was by far the “most looked up misspelling” on the site today, with searches rising more than 900 percent.




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