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Meet the Chennai-based weaver who makes jeans from banana fibre

C Sekar, a Chennai-based weaver, has made the news for having used banana fibre to make jeans and skirts. Hailing from Anakaputhur in Tamil Nadu, Sekar has ensured that the special blended fabric he has woven absorbs more water than denim. These jeans are priced at Rs 5,000.

Until recently, Anakaputhur was just a small suburb of Chennai, known as the ‘weavers’ village’. Sekar, while speaking with The Times of India, said,

The fabric is dyed with natural colours and stitched with buttons made from coconut shells, replacing the metal rivets and zips in denim jeans. This can be an alternative to synthetic material for summers.

A special team of officials from Andaman and Nicobar Islands came down to inspect the weaving unit and requested Sekar to help train artisans and weavers in the aspects of natural fibre extraction and weaving.
Sekar is known for having once woven a saree from banana and bamboo fibres and he even holds the distinction of having woven a saree out of 25 natural fibres.




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