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Meet Kashmir’s own Mark Zuckerberg. He has created a social network where Facebook and Twitter are blocked

The political brickbats in Kashmir don’t seem to calm down anytime soon. While there are two versions of the same story of turmoil – one government and another local, peace is in no mood to settle this summer. On April 26, the state government of Jammu and Kashmir, to prevent ‘anti-national’ propaganda, has banned 22 social media websites and instant messaging service. While the ban is being widely debated, something good has come out of it.

Taking the advantage of the grave situation, a 16-year old old Zeyan Shafiq from Anantnag district in the valley has started his own social media website named KashBook. The concept of KashBook was already in place some four years ago when the young Kashmiri boy with his friend Uzair Jan developed the site. Fortunately this has now come to use.

KashBook is already available on Google Playstore as an app and also on the site. As claimed on the Playstore, KashBook is ‘The First Instant Messenger For Kashmiri’s”.

So how did this kid develop KashBook?

His father being a software engineer has definitely helped Shafiq. As a child, he always had a knack for everything technology. Coming from a well to do family, Shafiq has got access to laptops since his schooldays. Initially he had learnt HTML tags and gradually learnt PHP, CSS and other computer languages. And unlike many others, Shafiq actually put a good use of his knowledge.

From 130 users a few days back to 1500 plus users in Kashmir, it’s not something to be taken lightly.

How is the KashBook user experience like?

This best thing about KashBook is, it doesn’t need a VPN to run. So if the server fails or any other issue, Shafiq can fix it in a few minutes’ time. Just like any other social media platform, you can Upload Photos, Upload Videos , post, Chat With Your Friends And Family!

There is also provision for verified Badges Given To Verified Personalities! Play Games Online

Sell/Buy Your Products Online. If that’s not enough, KashBook can be used in Kashmiri language as well.

The User interface is much like Facebook.