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Marriage in Uttar Pradesh Cancelled because of “RASGULLA”

According to media reports, the ill-fated marriage function was about to take place on April 14 at Kurmapur village which is situated about 70km from Lucknow. Shiv Kumar was about to tie the knot with his bride-to-be from a nearby village. However as the groom’s party arrived a bit later, the bride’s father let the other guests have dinner early. Things were going fine until a quarrel broke out between a relative of the bride and the groom’s cousin Manoj. 

He had reportedly asked for two rasgullas but was denied them by the bride’s relative who said that he had been instructed to give only one to each guest. However the heated argument soon escalated into violence with Manoj and his group allegedly beating up the bride’s father and other relatives. The police was later called and even village elders intervened to calm down the situation.

But by this time, the bride refused to marry the groom as she was upset by the ill treatment meted out to her father and wedding was eventually cancelled.