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Lisa Haydon sends out a powerful message for World Breastfeeding Week

Every new mother has her own journey. How to raise a baby, how to reduce all the extra weight post delivery and how to create a work-life balance, every woman has a unique story to tell in this life-changing chapter of her life. So does actress Lisa Haydon.

Lisa Haydon who gave birth to Zack Lalvani on May 17 this year, is making her own notes of this beautiful journey. And on the occasion of World Breast Feeding week, the model turned actress sent out a powerful message about building the bond between mother and child. With a picture of Lisa breast feeding her son Zack, Lisa made a valid point. She wrote, ” I’ve gotten loads of posts asking about life after having my son, especially to do with weight and fitness. Seeing as it’s world breast feeding week – time to give some credit where credit is due. Breast feeding has played such a big part in getting back into shape after giving birth to my baby. Breast feeding has been challenging plus time consuming (literally hours spent everyday trying to stimulate milk supply) but it’s such a beautiful way to bond and connect with your child plus all the nutritional benefits that your child gets from your milk.”

Three cheers to the actress who has sent out a strong message on breast feeding. Lisa and her little bundle Zack Lalvani make for adorable pictures on Instagram, giving a glimpse of how the actress is a hands on mommy and takes joy and pride in the all the little things she does for her kiddo.

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