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He looks so much like Obama he gets mobbed for selfies

A dad-of-five who bears an uncanny resemblance to former US president Barack Obama has revealed how he can’t step outside without someone mistaking him for the former leader of the free world.

Jose Oliveira, 43, looks so much like Obama that he cannot go a day without people stopping him in the streets of his hometown in from Sal, Cape Verde, to take photographs.

The tour guide, who friends have nicknamed ‘Mr Obama’ says he has been mistaken for the popular ex-president for ten years, adding: ‘Some people even ask me if I am his brother.

‘I work as a tour guide so I am always meeting new people and their reaction is always the same.

‘As soon as they see me they say: “Oh my God, you look just like Obama!”

‘I find it very funny and I don’t mind posing for photographs with people. I have at least 15 photographs and selfies taken every day.’

Jose has never worked as an Obama lookalike but says he would consider it if given the opportunity.

Obama and his wife Michelle have been spotted on several holidays since he was succeeded by Donald Trump as president in November.

In March, the former First Couple were seen enjoying the rays on their vacation to the French Polynesian islands.

Fellow vacationers took pictures of the forty-fourth president swimming in the pristine waters off Mo’orea island while his wife worked on her upper-body strength with some paddle-boarding.

And in February, the former leader unwound from eight years in the White House with some extreme sports on a Caribbean vacation with billionaire friend Richard Branson.

Photos showed the newly-retired Obama going kite-surfing with Branson during a recent getaway on the Virgin founder’s private island.

Obama has made a point of not publicly attacking or his successor Trump.

But he apparently has no problem sharing his thoughts about the new commander-in-chief behind closed doors.

In an interview with People, two of Barack’s friends reveal that he one said of President Trump: ‘He’s nothing but a bulls****er.’

That comment came shortly after President trump called Barack following his surprise win in the November election and voiced his ‘respect’ for the man.

This despite the fact that he had spent years stirring up controversy over Barack’s birth certificate while frequently attacking his actions in office.