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Dec 16, 2012 gang rape verdict Live updates

The judgment in the December 16, 2012 gang rape and murder set to be pronounced as the Supreme Court gives its verdict on the appeals filed by the four convicts.

The convicts had been awarded death sentence by the fast track court, which was upheld by the Delhi High Court. The execution was stayed after the four convicts — Mukesh (27), Pawan (20), Vinay (21) and Akshay (29) — moved the top court. The fifth accused, Ram Singh, had allegedly committed suicide while in jail. The sixth accused, who was a minor at the time of crime, was granted three years in a correction facility by Juvenile Justice Board. He was released from the home in November 2015.

The gang rape and murder or 23-year-old paramedic had led to nation wide outrage and spurred to government to strengthen rape laws.

Here are the Live updates:

2.10pm: “Evidence of victim’s friend is unimpeachable and relied upon. Can’t disregard the CCTV footage establishing the movement of the bus. Custodial confession do not remotely create a dent in police investigation.”

2.06pm: “Present case is one where there can be no denial narrative is long investigation has been cautious, Morden scientific tools adopted for investigation.”

2.04pm: “It was a devastating hour of darkness for the 23 year old paramedic. The victim’s parts were ruptured to give vent to the sexual desires. Lying naked they shouted for help as good fortune have it a night patrolling vehicle arrived.”

2.02pm: There are two judgments: One by Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Ashok Bhushan. Just Bhanumathi gives a concurring judgment. Justice Mishra begins to read judgment.

1.59pm: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy backed the decision to award capital punishment to the accused. “It was very tragic incident, which has blotted the civilization of India. In my opinion there is no doubt what so ever, that all of them were guilty and I think nothing other than capital punishment should be given by the SC,” Swamy told ANI. Swamy had earlier filed a plea against the release of the juvenile convict.