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Breitbart uses photo of World Cup-winning footballer Lukas Podolski for a human trafficking story. Internet mocks accordingly

On Friday, Breitbart published an article about human trafficking in the Mediterranean. To illustrate it they bizarrely used a photo of German international footballer Podolski from 2014, taken off the coast of Brazil. Podolski has no connection to human trafficking whatsoever. The article claimed that: Spanish police on Thursday said they had shut down a gang charging migrants

This company want to pay someone £28,000 a year to masturbate

We've read the reports from professionals who believe it's healthy to to masturbate at work, and heard the rumours surrounding how many people are sneaking away to do just that – but would you be prepared to make masturbation your full time occupation? UK based adult store LoveWoo is on the

Now book a Helicopter at the cost of a cab!

There's this one joke that always cracks me up about Bengaluru's traffic. A guy left for the airport to pick his girlfriend up, who was coming from Pune and they both left at the same time. As joke-worthy all these stories may seem, the traffic in India's hottest metropolitan city can be

Here are some gifts that Modi received in 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his fans and followers say, is a tireless man, working deep into the night without keeping track of time. But from among numerous gifts Modi received during foreign trips this year, he took home a wristwatch manufactured by British company Sekonda, besides a couple of smaller items,