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Apple iPhone 8 will be full of changes

Apple is expected to make major changes to the iPhone, which turns 10 this year.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is testing an iPhone model with a touchscreen covering the entire front of the device. The report also says while the screen is larger than the iPhone 7 Plus, the overall size of the smartphone is similar to an iPhone 7.

The upgraded, higher-end model of the iPhone will feature more sophisticated and advanced cameras and and will also have stainless steel components, says the report. It’s one of three iPhones Apple is expected to unveil this fall.

Other iPhones could include a curved display.

From an assortment of credible rumors, Apple’s 2017 iPhone lineup will consist of three distinct devices: an iPhone 7s, an iPhone 7s Plus, and an unnamed 5.8-inch iPhone with a sleek and edgeless OLED display.

Unofficially, Apple’s next-gen 5.8-inch iPhone has already been dubbed the iPhone 8, a reflection of the fact that the device will introduce a brand new form factor, a change Apple typically reserves for devices released after an ‘S’ cycle refresh.

Apple,however,did not comment on the report.